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Aug 3, 2009 7:00am EDT
limbaugh loses 90 pounds in 5 months. a new diet trend. could it work for you? >>> and the boom that went bust. we show you how not to blow up a >>> and the boom that went bust. we show you how not to blow up a building. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> and good morning, america. welcome to this new week. i'm diane sawyer with robin roberts on monday, august 3rd, 2009. what could it have been like aboard that plane with that turbulence? still getting news in. >> we know it was a continental flight on its way to houston, texas, from rio de janeiro, a boeing 767, diverted to miami after dozens of people were injured because of violent turbulence. abc aviation expert lisa stark has the latest for us. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, it was a boeing 767 as you say. it was a continental flight 128. that's a wide-bodied jet. we're told that there were 168 people on board. that's passenger and crew. they were on their way from rio de janeiro to houston where they hit turbulence. they were climbing to 38,000 feet. we're told they hit rough air, apparently very severe turbulence. they wer
Aug 27, 2009 4:30am EDT
conservatives are lashing out at democrats in the wake of kennedy's death. talk show host, rush limbaugh, is accusing the left of exploiting kennedy and his legacy to push through health care reform. and the group conservatives for patients right, says out of respect for kennedy, it is temporarily suspending its tv ad campaign, to defeat the government-run insurance option. >>> to many fellow politicians, he was a mentor and a close and thoughtful friend. from across the country, they have been sharing what kennedy meant to them. >> the country lost a great advocate. millions of people who counted on this guy every day to stand up for them. and for decades to come, history will talk about his legislative accomplishments and the differences he made in public policy. for me, i lost my best friend in the senate. >> diane and i will miss his company. his humor and his stories. his spot-on impersonations of other people in public life. his songs. >> a number of times over the years, and in every case, he was always asking what else could be done, to support our troopers and to support their famil
Aug 14, 2009 7:00am EDT
helped to bring the vitriol into the open. rush limbaugh compared a logo for the plan to a nazi symbol. >> the obama health care logo is damn close to a nazi swastika logo. >> reporter: and the internet is full of references to the president as hitler or as a racist. >> this guy is i believe a racist. >> reporter: to date the secret service has disrupted at least three different assassation plots tied to white supremacist groups so there is serious concern this week in new hampshire when a man stood across the street from a presidential town hall meeting with his gun on full and legal display. >> it's clearly nerve-racking when he's out in the open. i think they really do fear that something could happen to him. >> reporter: and in a new report, southern poverty law center says that since obama took office, there has been a sharp growth in the so-called militia groups, the kind that helped spawn a wave of domestic terrorism in the 1990s. ♪ >> reporter: now they use youtube, rock music and the internet to recruit new members and spread their words of hate and fear including thi
Aug 14, 2009 12:05am EDT
luck. >> last night general colin powell took on the entertainer in chief, rush limbaugh and the [ bleep ] who thinks that every minute amounts to a teachable moment. >> i need you to do this without any [ bleep ]ups. understand? >> you're a mighty fancy lady. >> thank you. >> but i have got news for you. >> what's that? >> we're going to [ bleep ] the [ cheers and applause ] >> on the show tonight, anne heche. from "funny people", aubrey plaza. music from diane birch. and we'll be right back with my uncle frank and yehya serve ice ice. so, you're planning a trip. first stop bing. cause any search engine can help you find a plane ticket. but bing, with price predictor, can help make sure you don't pay too much for it. (sfx: "bing") it's not just a search engine it's the first ever decision engine from microsoft. nivea's first 3-in-1 shower...shampoo...and shave. it's almost everything men need for grooming... almost. new active 3 from nivea for men. what men want. new active 3 from nivea for men. guy 2: dude, did you get the new madden? guy 1: no, not yet. i gotta get to walmart
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4